Alyssa’s Dora Birthday

Img_1415 Img_1417_2

We celebrated my cousin’s daughter’s birthday this weekend. (Would that make her my 2nd cousin or 1st cousin, once removed?) Anyways, she’s like my niece so I was enlisted to help with her party.



Alyssa turned 2 and love’s the kid’s television program Dora The Explorer, so a Dora Birthday was the only way to go. It all started with the invitation. Anyone who’s watched Dora will appreciate the special wording we used, but I really loved the simplicity of the polka-dots. My love was reconfirmed when we used the hanging dots at the party. What a simple, yet fun and sophisticated touch for the party. Add the flowers and table-tents and both the kids and adults felt like we were in a special Dora fantasy land. As a parting favor everyone went home with a special Alyssa and Dora coloring book. It was a big hit.


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