Bumblaya Launch


I'm proud to share with you guys the launch of Bumblaya. Started by my cousin Chris Romero, Bumblaya is a Verizon Wireless provider who has committed to sharing its profits with non-profit organizations. "How does this work?" you may ask. Well it's actually simple. When you are in need of a new phone, instead of going directly to Verizon you go to Bumblaya. Bumblaya will then have you choose your phone and your plan. The same phones, calling plans, promotions and discounts available at Verizon will be available to you. The plus comes after you buy as a portion of all proceeds will go to the charity you choose. How awesome is that?


Here you can see pictures of us at the launch event. We had a booth at the City of Hope Walk for Hope in LA. Chris's mom is a breast cancer survivor so the company was original founded to help breast cancer research. Chris quickly realized that the idea would be just as successful if people could help the charitity of their choice and the motto for Bumblaya was born. "Choose your phone. Choose your plan. Help your charity."

And what was my role in all of this? The graphics of course! I created the logo, banners and even helped with the website. It's been such an honor to play a small part in such a great and worthy cause. So if you're as taken by this new company as I am, I suggest you check out Bumblaya.com and the next time your phone rings you'll literally be "buzzin' for a cause."

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