Our First Pingg Evite!

Picture 19

So although I still have a strong love for paper, at Tonality we’ve recently embraced the Evite world when we were introduced to Pingg. Pingg is a new online invitation site that allows you to fully customize the design. And I must say, I love this! Although I still think there’s no replacement for a well done printed invitation, I do believe there is room for Pingg in the invite world.

For an upcoming 2 year old birthday, we used Pingg as the sole invitation. The busy parents loved it because they’re guests received the invitation as soon as they hit “send” and they received immediate responses for the RSVP.

I think you’ll be seeing us use this more, not necessarily to replace the printed invite, but to support it. Won’t it be great to send out an invitation and then closer to the party day follow-up with a party reminder from Pingg. Oh the possibilities. Our new great find!

As a special gift to you, we’ve modified the Giraffe design for you to download and use on Pingg. We hope you can use it for an upcoming birthday! Download Free Tonality-Giraffe PDF!

2 thoughts on “Our First Pingg Evite!

  1. Michele Cazares says:

    This was a perfect way to invite our family and friends without a lot of cost! Amy once again was genius with her graphics and play on words for the invite. I loved the giraffe theme and my 2 year old son is still talking about his party!


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