Reunion Review

Tonality Designs: 50th Reunion

I just got a nice complement via an email from my uncle who is also a host of one of my upcoming parties. Get this! He’s hosting his 50th high school reunion this summer! Can you imagine? Well, we just recently sent out the invitation and he immediately heard responses. This email response was particularly nice for Tonality:


We have been away for the past two days babysitting, but we just brought the mail in and opened your letter first. 

The invitations are wonderful!  Bette is a
graphic designer with a very critical eye, and she thought they were
fabulous.  Great graphics, nice layout, clever bullet points,
especially “bring lunch money”.  Way beyond expectations and certain to
impress all recipients.  Hopefully we’ll get a big turnout.


We only can agree with Bill and hope for a big turnout! More pictures of the invite are available on our website. We’ll also follow up closer to the party to showcase all our fun party decor and favor ideas! We’re thinking we’re going to have to do something with pictures from their old yearbooks! Stay tuned…

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