Tonality Designs

Hello, party people. Yes, it's official! I'm excited to announce that we are finally launching Although the site is still a work in progress, the main idea is up and ready to be seen by the people of the World Wide Web.

Past party hosts, thank you for letting me us your pictures. Those of you that don't see your party on the site (i.e. Harvest Fest), no worries as I'm sure we will exploit our work with you in the coming weeks.

Major things still in the works are information pages like "About Us," "Our Process" and "Our Pricing." Plus I think a Facebook page is a must have. Not sure about Twitter, but I'll give it some thought.

Thanks everyone for your support. I look forward to hearing all your comments and suggestions! Visit our website here!

3 thoughts on “Announcing

  1. Sarah says:

    The site is beautiful… It is amazing to see all of the wonderful ideas you have! I especially love all of the clever touches you have in the wording of the invitations!!! You are a brilliant designer!


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