My Go-To Vase


I’m not trained in flower arranging, but I’ve created enough to pick up a tip or two. One trick for creating a perfect flower arrangement is making sure you have the perfect vase. When decorating a tabletop you want to make sure the vessel isn’t too tall, yet you still want to make an impact. I’ve discovered my “go-to vase” is actually a simple glass vase from Target. Pictured above and also in our blog banner, it’s the perfect height for tabletops (measures about 5.5″, keeping your final arrangement around 12″) and the slight curve at the top allows the flowers to fall in an ideal dome.

Unfortunately it’s not available on the Target website, but you can find it
in most stores. Only $3.99 – so get a few to have on hand for you
next party.

The above arrangement was inspired by our Whimsical Romance Wedding Invitation. I invite you to see more on our newly launched website.

One thought on “My Go-To Vase

  1. Sarah says:

    You do such a lovely job of making these flowers look AMAZING! I went and bought the same vase for my house! I did a dozen roses in the vase and it was the perfect centerpiece for my living room coffee table. We often get caught up in the huge tall vases and flower arranging in them can be so difficult! Thanks for the tip!!!


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