DIY: Elevate Your Craft Table

I had the pleasure of meeting a group of women who meet regularly at WACC (Whittier Area Community Church) to make quilts for those in need here and around the world. It’s only a small group of women, but last year in only 6 months they made over 140 quilts. I was lucky enough to get to start one of the quilts and will be finishing it and starting a second shortly. So fun and beyond rewarding knowing that it’s going to someone worthy of a little love. Thank you WACC ladies for setting the example at putting creativity and crafting to good use!

Plus look below at the neat trick I discovered while at the church! Any serious crafter knows the need for a tall workspace, but sometimes you’re stuck with a fold out table. Well, I never thought to use four 12″ pieces of PVC pipe to extend the table legs! So clever and the perfect height for a work surface. My back and I are in love with PVC pipe today. And I haven’t even mentioned how perfect it will be for creating a make shift bar for a party. All I’ll have to do is sew a custom table cloth and voilà. Ahhhh PVC, where have you been all my life?


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