The Giraffe Came!

This weekend I had fun with all the animals and friends who showed up at Drew’s 2nd Birthday!
The inspiration all started with Drew and his love for giraffes. “Giraffe” could almost be considered Drew’s first word after MaMa and DaDa, so Drew’s parents knew they wanted a giraffe motif, but they didn’t want anything too cheesy. Hence the modern and fun Pingg Evite we designed. We knew the invitation design would show up again at the party but we had no idea how much fun we would have doing it. After being further inspired by the Candyland Birthday posted on the Hostess with the Mostess Blog, I think we created a perfect setting for all to get lost in the fun.

Drew-2-7 Drew-2-8
Drew-2-5 Drew-2-5a
Guests were immediately greeted by balloons and the oh-so amazing balloon arch—could there be anything better? Well, maybe the hanging dots (originally done for Alyssa’s Dora Birthday) that hung from the tents. This time we added pictures of the birthday boy and the giraffe illustration. The balloons and dots proved to be perfect backdrops for all the party pictures.

And let’s not forget the fun candy centerpieces. (See DIY instructions here.) Completely edible, guests dug right into the lollipops, Mike and Ikes and cotton candy.

Drew-2-14 Drew-2-15
And then there were cupcakes. They were decked out with cupcake toppers with Drew’s picture and original giraffe illustration. And of course we had stuffed animals spread around everywhere. Yes the details were all there.

Drew-2-11 Drew-2-10
Drew-2-13a Drew-2-12
Lastly, entertainment. This place couldn’t have been more fun for the kids. A bounce house, train, slide and animal puppet show rounded out the different kid zones we had set up. Even the adults got into it—elephant or zibra mask anyone? So much fun.

I invite you to see a slide show of some of the pictures here.

10 thoughts on “The Giraffe Came!

  1. Linda McCune says:

    Hey Amy – congrats on your two features! You rock girl. I love giraffes, especially when they bend down and kiss their babies. Trivia…how many bones does a giraffe have in its neck? Seven – same as a human.
    Keep up the great work.


  2. Amy says:

    Just realized you want the picture label and not the giraffe. If you want to send me your picture I could create your custom label and email you the file so that you can print on sticker paper. It’s a very simple DIY project.


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