Creativity Boost: Window Shopping Inspiration

An evening watching HGTV (amazing Color Splash episode) and recounting my day through photographs.
Photo Album: Window Shopping Inspiration
So here's the deal: I HAD to go to Paper Source today for supplies. (Sure I could have purchased online or gone to Michaels, but I had a free Saturday and Paper Source = fun Saturday activity.) When I got there I realized I should blog about the store because, although you can visit them online, they only have stores in select cities. I had so much fun taking pictures I decided to look in a few more shops that were near by. In the end, I realized that we really can get inspired by just window shopping. I was going to post this like normal, but I have over 40 pictures (this is with editing) so instead I created a photo album.  So come along and shop with me! See photo album here.

Photo Album: Window Shopping Inspiration

Stores visited: Paper Source, Napa Style, Pottery Barn, Borders, Fossil, Wahoos, The Container Store.

2 thoughts on “Creativity Boost: Window Shopping Inspiration

  1. Brooke says:

    Amy, what a PERFECT post! Love the ‘HAD to go to Paper Source.’ So true, it’s such a fun adventure. Ya never know what your going to come home with, or what inspiration you’ll find while cruising through. (I’m sooo glad to hear I’m not the only crazy 🙂 that goes into the store armed with a camera).
    Thank you so much for the visit, and your sweet post. I too will be back for more (daily)!


  2. Amy Detrick says:

    Thanks Brooke! luckily camera phones makes taking pictures so much easier, but I do have no shame.
    I think I can consider you my first “blogging friend!” I have a other followers, but they don’t blog themselves. I’m looking forward to exchanging messages with you.
    Here’s to finding inspiration for another post!


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