Poladroid Captures Brunch and Dirty Dancing in Hollywood


The week has started. I hope you all are having a happy Monday. Yesterday, Justin Timberlake (of course I'm one of his fans on Facebook) blogged about Poladroid, a new free program that converts your digital pictures into Polaroid look-alikes. I downloaded it and it really does bring back the memories of shaking, waiting and seeing fun results.

I used the program on the pictures I took yesterday in Hollywood. A group of us had brunch at Square One before going to see Dirty Dancing live on stage at the Pantages! I already wanted to share with you the fun and funky pictures I captured at the random dive we discovered in Hollywood, but being able to share them as Polaroids adds that extra detail that simply makes me smile. 



If you find yourself in Hollywood, definitely have brunch at Square One. They serve organic, local and small farm produce. The food was delicious and  I don't know if I've had better coffee. 


As for Dirty Dancing, be ready to sing along, say the lines before the actors and simply laugh when you realize even the choreography is the same as the movie. After all that fun I went home and watched the Lakers sneak by with another win!  I hope my week lives up to my Sunday . . .

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