DIY: Oh-Lolli Centerpiece

We are currently working on some neat projects that I can't wait to tell you more about. In the meantime, we had a request for instructions for the Oh-Lolli Centerpieces we created for  "The Giraffe Came" Birthday. Included with the instructions are free downloads for the giraffe sticker for both a boy and a girl! We also encourage you to create your own artwork and share your results with us. Simply send me an email at

Oh Lolli-Centerpiece 

Make guests feel like kids in a candy store. Our completely edible centerpieces are sure to add that creative, fun and delicious touch to any party. (Note: cotton candy will harden and shrink so do the day of party and/or substitute cotton candy with styrofoam.)

(Download Instruction Sheet) (Download Giraffe-Boy Sticker) (Download Giraffe-Girl Sticker)

  • 1 small pot ($1 pots available at Ikea)
  • 1 7 oz. bag of pre-packaged cotton candy (or use styrofoam)
  • 1 large (4.5”) swirl lollipop
  • 6-8 small lollipops (Assortment can include swirl lollipops, Blow Pops and/or Tootsie Roll Pops.)
  • 1 6 oz. box of loose candy (We used Mike and Ikes Tropical Typhoon.)
  • White sticker paper (We recommend Avery White Shipping Labels.)
  • Scissors
Instructions for Large Swirl Lollipop Sticker
You can use large lollipop as is or add an extra touch by creating stickers that reflect your party theme or showcase your birthday boy or girl.
  1. Using your favorite print program, create a 3.75 inch circle design with your party theme or child’s picture. (You can also download our template to use. Download Giraffe-Boy Sticker Download Giraffe-Girl Sticker) You’ll need two stickers per lollipop.
  2. Print final designs on white sticker paper.
  3. Cut out each circle and center on lollipop in order to cover any existing labels. Nice to put a sticker on both sides of the lollipop so design is seen from any angle.
Instructions for Oh-Lolli Centerpiece
  1. Fill pot with cotton candy. Pack down cotton candy so that lollipops have something to push into. (Should leave about 1/2 inch at top of pot for loose candy. If pot is larger, fill bottom with paper towels first.) Note: cotton candy will harden and shrink so do the day of party and/or substitute cotton candy with styrofoam.
  2. Stick in lollipops. Center the large swirl lollipop and then put the smaller lollipops around it. (For smaller lollipops, you can either keep the manufacturers wrapping or for a cleaner look, take off wrapping and wrap with clear plastic wrap.)
  3. Pour loose candies on top and voilà, you’ve got a fun candy centerpiece that is sure to delight the sweet tooth in all your guests.

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