Creativity Boost: Ikea Summer Sale!

Unfortunately I've neglected my blog this week, luckily I'm forced to post something on Creativity Boost Thrusdays. So here goes, but stay tuned next week as I'll have a nice report on Kreeley's Birthday Party that I've hinted at in a previous post. We're very excited for her and her guests to have a grand time this weekend!

So, I LOVE Ikea for party supplies. I highly recommend you all go and see what they have on sale. When shopping go with the creative mindset that you can turn any vessel into a vase, any material into napkins or tabletop runners and any kid's toy into perfect birthday party decor. I'm sure when you leave you'll feel exactly like the lady in their sale commercial that simply doesn't get old. (Note this is promoting their winter sale, but indeed their summer sale is going on now.)

There are a couple other commercials on right now that have me laughing everytime.  Both happen to be from Heineken. They aren't belly-laugh funny, but I relate to both so much that I love them like the Ikea commercial. Is there a commercial that you love?

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