Kreeley’s Midsummer Birthday – The Dream Party!

So I've given you our thought process, the cupcakes and the invite—now here's the party! (Click here to get right to the picture slide show.)

Kreeley-17 Kreeley-16

Mind you, this was Kreeley's dream party. She was turning 7 and she'd been counting down the days since February. She wanted friends to come over, go swimming, have cupcakes, open presents (desperately hoping a dog would be included), eat popcorn while watching Grease, sleep next to her best friends and wake up in the morning to birthday pancakes. I'm happy to report, her dream came true. All of the above was accomplished and more. 

Kreeley-6 Kreeley-7 

Kreeley-8 Kreeley-9

And indeed we created a fun atmosphere. I wish you could have been there to witness the joy the kids had at seeing the cupcake tower, all of them pointing out that the cartoon character was Kreeley, their excitement that they could color the table setting and just their pure happiness throughout the entire day. See more by viewing our picture slide show here.

Kreeley-10 Kreeley-11 

Kreeley-13 Kreeley-14

3 thoughts on “Kreeley’s Midsummer Birthday – The Dream Party!

  1. Linda McCune says:

    Amy, you never fail to amaze me with your everflowing talent. You are a S T A R!!! I am always inspired by you.


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