Creativity Boost: Planning for a Candy Bar

Candy-buffet-1 Candy-Buffet-2

I finally get to try my hand at the ever popular candy buffet. Inspired by Amy Atlas, a NYC event stylist who specializes in creating dessert bars, and Hostess with the Mostess, I’m in the middle of creating a candy concession stand worthy of going to the movies. It’s for my first Bar Mitzvah. The theme is a night at the movies, so a concession stand will be that perfect unexpected detail.


Pictured is a rough sketch for the table. The candy is all movie theater inspired. The hard part is deciding how much candy to buy, but it looks like there will be an overload of fun treats. There will be a lot of red, white and black accents, but you’ll have to stay tuned for the details. More posts leading up to the final table’s reveal, but in the meantime check out Amy Atlas and Hostess with the Mostess for some wonderful eye candy—pun intended.

Update! We had the party and the candy concession was a box office hit! Click here to read our post.

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