The Candy Concession Is Now Open!


I’m going to keep this short and sweet! Our candy concession was a big hit this weekend! Unfortunately the table was set up in front of some lovely windows that caused my pictures to be back lit, but at least you get the idea. Never mind that I could have shut the blinds. Let’s just say I had a blond moment.

Candy-concession-1 Candy-concession-2

3 big tips:

  1. You have to buy A LOT of candy! For this 6′ table we had a variety of 10 different sized jars and vases. In order to fill each jar or vase you’ll need multiple bags of bulk candy, but for the really large jars (here we had 2 gallon jars) don’t open all the bags. Place 1 bag in the jar and then open the other bags to fill in around the bag. This will allow you to have the look of a full jar, but most likely you won’t need that extra candy and you can return the unused bags. I did not do this and we now have tons of chocolate left.
  2. Fashion a grander look by creating different levels for the jars to sit on. Here we used three 14″ hat boxes covered in red glitter wrapping paper.
  3. Decorate in the theme! Some people think the candy needs to stay in your party’s color scheme in order for it to tie in, but you also can simply add decorations. Here we tied ribbons around the jars, created a ribbon garland that we attached to the table cloth and had decorative candy bags and ties.

Click here to see a picture slide show!

Candy-concession-3 Candy-concession-10

3 thoughts on “The Candy Concession Is Now Open!

  1. Amy says:

    Thanks Marcia for the tip! I just looked at your blog and LOVE your 4th of July table. So cute and I can’t believe the old fashion cracker jacks were also from Walmart. Perfect. I’ll be checking in often. Cheers!


  2. Megan BeVier says:

    Great idea! It reminds me of the ice cream sundae bar we did for my shower. I just remember this after packing away all the old fashion sundae dishes we had for the party.


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