Soccer Party Scores Big!

Cressa-03 Cressa's Championship Birthday won over our hearts this weekend. The theme couldn't have been more fitting since the party took place at an indoor soccer field. Having it at the field was perfect. The kids stayed busy for the whole 2 hours and decorations and food were limited – cupcake stand with cupcakes and toppers, favor bags and balloons. Plus, if you plan to host something similar, be sure to have plenty of water and Gatorade as the hard playing kids will be needing it!

See the party's slide show here.

See the invite here.


3 thoughts on “Soccer Party Scores Big!

  1. Amy says:

    Well if you’ve seen kids playing a soccer game that was basically the party. The kids barely stopped playing enough to even sing Happy Birthday. I promise to have more pictures of the kids next time!


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