Jungle Safari Dream Birthday!

Safari-1  Safari-2

It's official. We have our first boy inspired Dream Birthday invitation. What jungle party would be complete without giraffes, lions, monkeys and elephants all hanging out together? Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't most of these animals live on savannahs in Africa, not really jungles? Well, I guess it's a none issue to kids as when researching jungle parties, all these animals seemed to qualify as fair game.

So moving on from my ramble.

Can't you just imagine being a little boy and dreaming about swinging through the trees of your very own jungle. Making friends with all the animals just like Tarzan and Mowgli. (Yes, I had to google "The Jungle Book" for the correct spelling.) Well, we hope we accomplished that feeling with our latest Jungle Safari Dream Invite. And we can't wait to develop the rest of this fun party suite.

(Note: besides Campbell's name, the rest of the content on the invite reflects made up information. Well not too made up. You could call me to RSVP, wink.) 

See more from the Dream Birthday Collection here.

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