Fabric Flower Creativity Boost!

One of my good friends is getting married and she recently sent me a link to some DIY Fabric Flowers (pictured above) from Martha Stewart Weddings. She asked me if she thought we could make the flowers for her seating cards for her wedding and I said, “Yes, please!” The Martha article actually shows 32 paper and fabric flower ideas. Of the 32 designs I’ve already done all of the paper and ribbon designs and only the most simple of the fabric flowers, so I’ve decided to gather all the fabric flower projects I’ve been dying to try in this blog post. Hopefully it will act as inspiration to you and will get me motivated to actually try one or two of the designs out.


First, the Martha Stewart Fabric Flowers which I believe may have been inspired by Emersonmade (pictured above). I originally blogged about Emersonmade on my birthday, suggesting to my friends that one of her handmade flowers would be the perfect birthday present! This weekend I hope to try my hand at these handmade peonies and roses.

 Snow_Mum_Pillow-1 5095-felt_furnishings_header

Second, I just love embroidered pillows, so these 3D felt pillow designs from Amy Butler and Anne Kyrrö Quinn are just beyond perfect in my book. I think I’ve wanted to make the Amy Butler Snow Mum Pillow for over a year now,  Download Snow_Mum_Pillow .  As for Anne Kyrrö Quinn’s pillow, thank you How About Orange for blogging about the free tutorial available here on Etsy.

Step_tenattach_button 6a00d8341c72ee53ef00e553526be98833-800wi

And because the web has endless inspiration, here are some links to some other fun finds. For instance, I found the blog Kinda Wonderful where she posted about 31 Crafty Flowers in 31 Days.

6a00d83452a63369e20120a5b5ed2c970c-800wi MP001-FD-2T

And let’s not forget my love of Heather Bailey’s fabrics and I’ve found her patterns prove to be just as great. Try her Pop Garden Scrap Flower and La Fleur Debris.

Also check out these fun patterns: Calamity Kim: Fold & Twist Fabric Flowers; The Artful Crafter: Flowers from Fabric Remnants; Molly Chicken: Fabric Flower Tutorial

So have fun flower crafting. I’m thinking there is definite party decor potential here for table runners, centerpieces and maybe even invites. I’ll post my creations soon…

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