Shower Ideas Inspired by Football Season!

Who says a bridal shower has to be a formal tea or a baby shower has to be just for the girls? I say a party should not be shaped by rules but by the guest-of-honor and what will make her happy. With football season here and my Buckeye’s off to a fun, yet rocky start, I thought I’d post a couple of past showers I did that were both inspired by the guest-of-honor’s love of sports.

Shower-atypical-1 Shower-atypical-2 Shower-atypical-3

Party #1 is perfect for a college-football crazed bride. If you’re not familiar with the Ohio State/Michigan Rivalry or College Gameday this invite idea is going to go over your head, but I promise if you are familiar with them you will laugh just like the guests and bride-to-be did. See more pictures on our website.


Party #2 is a great idea for a couple’s baby shower. Guests were invited to a Baby Pep Rally and the Pom-Pom Pennant invite asked them to come prepared by wearing their favorite team colors.

Update! I found the original invite. Here’s the wording:

TEAM CAZARES is preparing to sign on a new recruit.

Join us at the BABY PEP RALLY to cheer on MICHELE and STEVEN as they get ready for the BABY DRAFT.

With their first round pick they are looking to score a healthy baby boy to round out their family’s team.

We have a strong feeling he’s going to be ROOKIE-OF-THE-YEAR.

Show your support by dressing in your favorite team colors.


Simple, yet appropriate, decorations were created with primary-color steamers, balloons, pom-poms and megaphones, all topped off with a “Baby Cazares is #1” Pennant Banner. We also created a sports themed diaper cake that was a big hit with both the guys and gals at the party. And don’t forget the peanuts and crackerjacks. Now play ball!

2 thoughts on “Shower Ideas Inspired by Football Season!

  1. Amy says:

    You’re right, I really owe you for the creative Pom-Pom Invites and the Custom Pennant Banner!
    Everyone- please note the handmade Pom-Poms of the invites. My sister Meg did a fabulous job creating those while I worked on the invite’s pennant. She also handmade the Pennant Banner (under my direction of course!) Truly a team effort here 😉


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