Creativity Boost: Wedding Inspiration Board for Aileen & James

My dear friend Aileen met her perfect mate James and they are now planning their wedding. Their love affair is in fact a worldwide affair as they first met in NY a few years ago but Aileen lived in Ohio and James lived in Australia. They kept in contact via email, but their love didn't truly bloom until Aileen took a 3 month trip to Australia. Well, 3 months turned into 6 and when Aileen finally returned to the States, James quickly followed. He found a job in South Carolina, where they are now living and planning their wedding as James proposed to Aileen this summer in China. Yes, China. They both love to travel and I told you from the beginning that this is a worldwide affair. They are getting married in Aileen's hometown in Ohio, but James always pictured being married at the beach. So, why not try to bring the colors of the beach to their wedding? This inspiration board derives from a perfect sunset. It's also perfect for Aileen, who always wears and decorates with eclectic patterns and colors.

So here's to Aileen and James and my first Inspiration Board! I couldn't have been inspired by two better people. Enjoy…



  1. Bride and Groom photo by Todd Pellowe
  2. Flowers by Pollen Floral Art
  3. Save-the-Date by Frank Chimero
  4. Table setting by Martha Stewart
  5. Blue feather/flower photo by Rebecca Thuss
  6. Multi-color fabric canopy photo by Karen Wise
  7. Poppies photo by Happy Cavalier
  8. Roses in milk glass photo by Punam Bean
  9. Lantern photo by Rebecca Thuss
  10. Balloon photo by Josh Goleman
  11. Van photo by Amy Squires
  12. Fabric Flower by Martha Stewart

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