Harvest Fest: Fall Inspiration Part 1

Halloween_special_issue So let's just be honest with ourselves and name Martha Stewart Queen of Halloween. Okay, maybe it's not just Martha, but her staff; however, it's her name on everything so she wins. So, instead of me trying to come up with Halloween ideas, I'm going to tell you to go to MarthaStewart.com or better yet, go to your nearest Borders and pick up her special Halloween Magazine issue. You won't regret the purchase. 

So moving on, Thanksgiving kind of gets neglected because everyone focuses on Halloween and then by the time Novemeber comes, everyone is on to Christmas. But I LOVE Thanksgiving. It's a holiday where you get to gather with your friends and family and all you have to worry about is who's bringing the potatoes or greenbeans or PIE. There's no shopping for gifts or wrapping of presents. It's simply a fun party. And I must admit my family does it up right.


My family has a tradition for the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. We throw a party! Family and close friends are invited to Harvest Fest, where we drink champagne, eat chili and simply enjoy each others company. It started because everyone would travel and arrive at one destination on Wednesday and we'd all eat, drink and be merry that night. Well, we quickly realized that we all looked forward to Wednesday night and five years ago jokingly called the night "Harvest Fest." Little did we know that the name would inspire a full-fledged annual party with a formal invitation, elaborate party decorations and even favors. Of course, I'm the one responsible for creating the invites and decor, but I couldn't help myself. There's nothing better than to plan and create beautiful things for the ones you love.

Over the next few posts, I'm going to share with you our past invitations, party decor and favors. And even give you a sneak peak at what I have planned this year. Hopefully it will inspire you to step up your game this Thanksgiving – Harvest Fest style!

3 thoughts on “Harvest Fest: Fall Inspiration Part 1

  1. Megan BeVier says:

    Harvest Fest is a blast! Especially when you add Amy’s decorations and awesome invitations. Wish I could be there this year 😦 can’t wait to see the new design.


  2. Michele Cazares says:

    Amy has captured the true meaning of Thanksgiving. She has creatively found a way to embrace family and friends with Harvest Fest. I love her unique invitations and the decor fits the occasion perfectly every year! I always look forward to this spectacular event and I can’t wait for Harvest Fest ’09. Thank you Amy for bringing us all together as a family.


  3. Amy says:

    Thank you Michele for the very touching comment. Let’s not forget that it was our trip home from a USC football game that coined the perfect name! And everyone should know that Michele helps a lot – she’s often my partner in crime at the flower market. And as you can see from her comment, she really knows how to raise women up with perfect praise.


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