Shower the ones you love! And Twilite Moon Post!!

TM_logo with swirls So today I posted my first guest blog post over at Twilite Moon! Twilite Moon asked if I would write holiday inspired ideas for moms and moms-to-be. Since I have been super busy and have yet to post Thanksgiving ideas here on my own blog, be sure to check out the post at Twilite Moon. It will give you some flower ideas and will hopefully tide you over until next week when I have some perfect DIY Thanksgiving decorating and favor ideas.

Also, if you have a new baby in your life, be sure to do a little window shopping at Twilite Moon. They have the cutest designer baby stuff – you’ll just go crazy with all the fun finds.

Lastly, in celebration of my Twilite Moon post, and keeping in the spirit of baby, I thought I’d share with you guys some of my recent shower invitations. A couple are definitely targeted only for a baby shower, for instance I just love the “Buy One Get One Free” twin-boy shower invite I created for my cousins Brian and Mayumi, but the florals would also be perfect for a bridal shower, birthday or annivsary party. And all will soon be available for sale on Etsy! Check back next week with an update! Enjoy!






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