Baby Shower Game: Who's That Baby? — Tonality Designs

Who’s that baby? Shower Game

I recently had the pleasure of helping with my cousin’s baby shower. My aunt had been scanning in old pictures of the family and thought it would be fun to display everyone’s baby pictures at the shower. Well, we took it one step further. We made it a game.

Baby Shower Game: Who's That Baby? — Tonality Designs

Who’s That Baby: How To Play

  1. Preparation: request baby pictures from all your guests. If it’s a family shower, you may have a family member that has most of the pictures and they may even have older ones of great grandparents or great-great grandparents. This was a family shower so we had pictures going back 4 generations!
  2. Print out all the pictures. If you can, turn them all black and white and try to make all the contrast the same. This will make them more uniform and harder to tell when the photo was taken.
  3. Print out or write all the coordinating names. Cut out each name on a separate piece of paper.
  4. Display the photos. Here we strung twine on a greenery wall and hung the photos using clothes pins. You could also hang on a wall or even pin to a large cork board.
  5. Embellish your display. Of course this is optional, but it doesn’t hurt to add decorations to make your photo display a real focal point for your shower. Here we hung pennant banners and matching party circles.
  6. Playing the game. When guests arrive, hand each guest a random name and have them attach it to the baby they think it belongs to. Guests can & should work together to get it right. Once they think they have all the names matched, you can check and tell them if they got it right. There really isn’t a winner, just fun to see if you can get it right.
  7. If you want a winner. Number the pictures and give each guest a piece of paper and have them try to match every picture with every name.

Really looking forward to Brian and Mayumi’s twin – yes twin – boys this New Year’s Eve. Plus my cousin Cristina is expecting her second baby girl around that same time. Exciting for all of us!

2 thoughts on “Who’s that baby? Shower Game

  1. Megan BeVier says:

    OMG Super Cute!!!! I can’t believe how well this turned out!!! Let me know when you go to visit all the babies I want to see pictures and hear stories


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