Happy Birthday Purse & Keychain



It’s been since January that I posted and I really owe you guys more, but I’ve been really busy with some new business opportunities. Any who, my cousin Marisa turned 16 this month – yeah Marisa! For her gift, I made her a purse and, in honor of the Sweet 16, a matching keychain. I found both of the patterns online and both were FREE. Fabric was found at my favorite fabric store – Michael Levine in downtown LA. Both fabrics are Amy Butler – who just so happens to be from my hometown of Granville, Ohio. I always gravitate to her stuff. Below are the links for the patterns, both are really easy. The purse only takes a couple hours and the keychain is super quick.

Purse Pattern: Buttercup Bag by Made by Ray

Note a couple of adjustments: Make sure you use Interfacing to make the purse more durable. For strap, cut the piece 4 inches wide and then fold in 1 inch on both sides and then fold in half – this will make the strap more durable.

Keychain Pattern: Fabric Keychain by U Create

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Purse & Keychain

  1. Amy says:

    It should be noted that Ms. Linda had to endure picking out the fabric with me for this project. Not an easy task as I debate back and forth and usually change my mind about 3 times and then literally switch everything at the last minute 😉 Thanks Linda!


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