Turkey Day is Coming! DIY Ribbon Candle Votives


Many of you know, my family refers to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving as Harvest Fest. During the week of Thanksgiving we always gather for four days and Wednesday night kicks everything off. I do the invites and decor. This year's invite was inspired by our love of Martinis – and a touch of humor. I'm also really enjoying the colors: Teal, orange, taupe and white. It just so happens that my Glue Dots project assignment this month (I think you all know that I'm a Glue Dottess!) needed to be party decorations in teal and orange. So when looking at my craft supplies I focused in on my ribbon collection and Ribbon Candle Votives simply came to mind. Here's how you too can make these festive lights.

Assortment of Ribbon (In the colors of your party)
Jute Twine (Optional – would work with just ribbon)
Glass Jar (Recycle any jar you happen to have)
Tea Light Candle
Glue Dots Mini
Glue Dots Glue Lines


1) Cutting Ribbon: Measure the height of your glass jar. Cut your assortment of ribbon (and jute twine) slightly longer than the height of your jar.You'll need several pieces of ribbon but varies depending on the width of your jar.

2) Attaching Ribbon to Jar: Using the Mini Glue Dots, attach your ribbon (and jute twine) to the rim of the jar (see picture A). Keep going all the way around the jar's rim. I attached mine randomly, but you could create a pattern if you wanted to. Side note: Before Glue Dots we would have had to do this craft with a glue gun. Thank goodness for the ease of Glue Dots and my burn-free fingers!

3) Trimming Ribbon: Set your jar on its rim. Hold up the individual pieces of ribbon (and jute twine) and trim so that each piece hits the bottom of the jar (see picture B). (Note: If you cut each piece precisely to the height of your jar in step 1 you won't have to do this step; however, I thought it was easier to not cut precisely – smile.)

4) Creating Ribbon Band: Set your jar right-side up. Choose a piece of ribbon to use to wrap around the top of the jar to cover all the ribbon tops. Using the Glue Dots Glue Lines, attach ribbon to top of jar (see picture C).

There you have it! Now simply add a tea light and let there be light!



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