Moscow Mule Gift Basket – FREE Recipe Card Download

Moscow Mule Gift Basket - Free Recipe Card Download

My weekend was all about creative gifting. With Moscow Mule’s being the latest drink trend, I thought it would be fun to create a gift basket featuring the very popular copper mugs. The basket was so easy to make. You’ll need the following:

  1. Copper Mugs (See below for 3 of my favorites)
  2. Ginger Beer – It’s nonalcoholic and usually available with other popular mixers like Tonic. I like buying at BevMo!, Total Wine or Trader Joe’s. A bartender recommended Fever-Tree as his favorite so I used it here.
  3.  Vodka – pick your favorite or just find a fun label like I did.
  4. Mint – include a cute pot of mint so they have the right garnish.
  5. Limes – I forgot the limes, but it would be the perfect last touch.
  6. Recipe Card – Download our FREE one!
  7. Cute Basket

Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Buyers Guide - By Tonality Designs

Buyers Guide: 01: Oggi – I found these to be the cheapest and the best deals are on Amazon; 02: Pottery Barn – monogramming available and they are currently on sale; 03: West Elm – two styles & monogramming and they’re also currently on sale

Moscow Mule Recipe Card Download

In addition to giving the Moscow Mule basket this weekend, I also had an extremely past-due  Christmas exchange with some relatives. Playing off the fact that it’s now March, I created this fun St. Paddy’s Day Christmas gift certificate. I love giving “experience” gifts and thought dinner on me at the new Irish Pub in town would be the perfect present.

St. Paddy's Day Christmas Exchange

Lastly, I’ll have another post about this, but I also got to celebrate my cousin Marisa’s 21st birthday this weekend. Oh, to be 21 again! More on this creative gift (and FREE Party Printable) in my next post!

21st Birthday Gift Idea - Tonality Designs

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