Party Straws: FREE Chalkboard Party Printables

I got to feel young (well, old  but young at heart) this weekend and enjoy celebrating my cousin’s 21st birthday. For her gift I got her what every 21-year-old needs: Lemon Drop Martini mix, a gift card to Total Wines, cocktail napkins and fun party straws—that I made! And you can too, if you just download our FREE Chalkboard Party Printables: Flags & Tags.

21st Birthday Gift Idea - Free Chalkboard Party Printables - by Tonality Designs

I also got to use my new calligraphy skills – not too shabby.

FREE Chalkboard Party Printables | Tonality Designs

Download our FREE Chalkboard Party Printable I love them on straws because, with 10 different sayings, they work as a good way for guests to remember their glass. (RECENTLY updated to print solid black for better printing!)

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