Make Your Own Pirates & Pirate Ship

DIY Make Your Own Pirates & Pirate Ship

We had fun making our own pirates and pirate ships during our pirate party. All you need to do is download our FREE Make Your Own Pirates & Pirate Ship Printable and you too can make these.(Complete instructions included on the printable. )

Pirate Birthday Party with Party Printables by Tonality Designs

If having a pirate party, we recommend setting up each place setting with the materials needed for the craft (material list provided on the FREE Pirate Printable). We also had some items (like scissors, glue, tape, markers) as community items in cans on the table. NOTE: Even though you only need two paper straws per pirate, we gave the kids a bunch to choose from so they could be creative with their colors and patterns. We tied the straws, dowel rod and pipe cleaners together with a ribbon in order to keep them easy to pull out when needed.

Pirate Party Printables & FREE Kid Craft Download by Tonality Designs

Tip when doing a craft at a party: Always have extra materials on hand OR if you don’t want to set your table(s) with the craft, make a station with all the materials available.

DIY Pirate & Pirate Ship Kids Craft

Complete instructions are included on the download, but here are some pictures to give you an idea. First kids color and cut out their pieces.

DIY Pirates & Pirate Ship Kids Craft

To make pirates, attach pirate heads to paper straws with tape. Then wrap a pipe cleaner around each straw to make arms.

DIY Pirates & Pirate Ship Kids Craft

Then cover pipe cleaner by cutting another straw to the length of pirate arms and slipping straw pieces over pipe cleaner. You can also add more embellishments to your pirates like adding a googly eye or taping on the treasure map or pirate hook provided on the printable.

DIY Pirates & Pirate Ship Kids Craft

Then follow instructions on the printable for assembling your Pirate Ship.


By cutting slits in top of the berry box, pirates can be placed on ship or kids can take out when they want to play!

DIY Pirates & Pirate Ship Kids Craft by Tonality Designs

The kids were pretty happy with the outcome. Drew even drew his own pirate so he had three total when done.


Be sure to download the FREE Make Your Own Pirates & Pirate Ship Printable!

We would also love to see your creations. Please be sure to follow me on Instagram @TonalityDesgins and upload your creations and tag #tonalitydesigns.

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