Thanksgiving Kid Table

Thanksgiving Kids Table - Mayflower Centerpiece - Thankful Turkey

I love to set pretty table, but setting a fun kid table might be my favorite thing to do. Here I created a Mayflower Centerpiece, customized pilgrims and indians and a Thankful Turkey Craft that will keep kids occupied while you’re cooking or enjoying your meal.

Some things to keep in mind when setting a kid-friendly table.

  1. Go ahead and use paper goods, but you don’t have to use cartoon characters or other cheesy designs. Pick a couple coordinating patterns in your party colors for your plates & napkins and stick to clear for utensils. Here I used chevron pattern plates in teal and yellow from Target.
  2. Kids love seeing their pictures and names on things. If you don’t have time to make them into characters like I did, print out a few pictures and use them as their place cards or frame them as part of your centerpiece.
  3. Have an activity! Here I created a craft but you could also just line the table with craft paper and provide crayons and markers. Or print out a coloring sheet that matches your party theme. These simple touches will make kids want to gather at the table and stay awhile.

Another general tip: always remember that gift wrap is your friend when setting a theme table. Here I used a patterned craft paper as a runner for the table. Kids (and adults) can color or spill on it and it’s no big deal.

Mayflower Centerpiece

For the centerpiece, I updated my  DIY Pirate Ship to be a Mayflower. You can download the artwork for $5.00 on my Etsy Shop. Also, be sure to contact me if you’re interested in having your own set of pilgrims and indians made. I’ll set up a custom listing in the shop for you.


If you purchase the Mayflower Centerpiece – please follow the Pirate Ship Instructions seen above and posted here.

FREE Thankful Turkey Printable with DIY Instructions

I created the Thankful Turkey as part of our Instagram #Create4theHolidays design challenge. See my Instagram (@tonalitydesigns) for more details.

The DIY Thankful Turkey will have kids crafting but also reflecting on all they are grateful for this holiday season. Once they are done with their creations, they can share what they are thankful for with each other and the whole family. You can use your own scrapbooking papers or simple download and print our FREE Thankful Turkey printable.

DIY Thankful Turkey Instructions

FREE Thankful Turkey Printable

Materials for One Turkey

Instructions for Parents

  1. Print FREE Thankful Turkey printable on 8.5 x 11 white card stock. File includes 2 pages.
  2. thankful-turkey-how-to-1
    Mark the berry baskets with the cut marks so your child will know where to cut come time to put on the feathers. From the left: 1) cut a small cut on the top of basket 2) cut a small cut in the middle slot 3) cut a long cut until the lip line. REPEAT on the opposite side of the basket.

Instructions for Kids

  1. Cut out all pieces on your printable.
  2. Cut your berry baskets according to the marks created by your parent.
  3. Rip a piece of red tissue paper for your Turkey’s gobble.
  4. thankful-turkey-how-to-2Glue on eyes, red gobble and beak to the brown turkey head. Glue the whole thing to the front of the berry basket. (The front is the side opposite the longest cut line for the feathers.)
  5. thankful-turkey-how-to-3
    thankful-turkey-how-to-4Time to add your feathers. Decide where you want each feather and then write on each feather what you are thankful for this year. Once you write what you are thankful for either insert into a slot on one of the sides or tape to the back.
  6. Share your Thankful Turkey with your family and friends and ask them what they are thankful for this year!

FREE Thankful Turkey Printable - Thanksgiving Kids Craft

To add a name banner: use party straws in coordinating colors. Stick 3 white feathers into the top of the straw. Print or write names on a strip of paper and tape to the straw. Cut a small “x” on the top of the box and insert straw. This is great to show the kids where they sit!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. I think this year I’ll sit at the kid table!

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