DIY Quilted Coasters

DIY Quilted Coasters

Do you drink  your eight glasses of water a day? I’ve found that I need to dress up my water in order to get all my glasses in. I not only dress it up by infusing it with fruit—which is delicious—but I must use a pretty glass, perhaps a pretty straw, and, last-but-not-least, I set it on a pretty coaster. Maybe it’s silly but I’m telling you, I love enjoying pretty things so it works for me. Plus, it definitely makes for a gorgeous presentation when I have guests.

So let’s get to these these quilted coasters. They are a very easy sewing project that I discovered over eight years ago via Martha Stewart. I can’t believe it was that long ago, but when I went to look it up, sure enough, the website said it was from October 2007. Crazy! Yet it’s still on their website —so yay! And I decided I would make a new set using leftover material from a quilt my mom made me.


Here’s the herringbone quilt my mom made. I just adore it!

DIY Quilted Coasters

This project can be completed within just an hour or two and is perfect to utilize leftover fabric scraps. You can mix and match your patterns or do a set using just one.

DIY Quilted Coasters

Here’s the link to Martha Stewart instructions. The instructions are pretty straight forward, but just one note: It’s okay if you don’t have a “walking foot” for you sewing machine. The walking foot makes the project slightly easier when you quilt the coaster, but I did one without it and it actually worked out fine. The only difference was the fabric didn’t want to go through at first, but with a little coaxing it worked out.

DIY Quilted Coasters

And when you make yourself a set, why not make a second as a gift? I think these make a perfect hostess gift and one Christmas I actually did them as stocking stuffers. 

DIY Quilted Coasters

Lastly, I love these coasters not only because they are super cute but because they really work. I’ve found a lot of coasters are made out of materials that don’t absorb water—what’s up with that? The worst is when a coaster sticks to the bottom of your glass—ugh, worthless! Yet these fabric coasters are perfect and they can be made to match any style of decor (you’ll really see this when you click over to Martha Stewart’s site, totally different look than mine). So have fun and be sure to tag me on Instagram (@tonalitydesigns) if you make yourself a set.


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