DIY Heart Pillow Ornaments

DIY Heart Pillow Ornaments

Valentines is coming and I wanted something festive to hang from the boxwood wreaths I have in my kitchen. Since I’ve already created fabric garlands for other holidays I thought something different was in order—so these DIY Heart Pillow Ornaments were born. I created a pair of them so I thought appliquéing XO would be perfect. If you are only wanting to make one, the template also includes a small heart you could appliqué instead.

DIY Heart Pillow Ornaments


  • Download our FREE Heart Pillow Ornament Template: Template includes main heart shape plus appliqué options (X, O, and a heart)
  • Linen (I used a white linen, but you could use any color)
  • Coordinating cotton fabric (For the appliqué, I used a black and white polka dot fabric)
  • Polyester Fiberfill
  • Coordinating 1/4″ ribbon
  • Coordinating thread(s) (You may need two colors (one to match your linen and one to match your cotton fabric.)
  • Sewing machine


  1. Download and print our FREE Heart Pillow Ornament Template and cutout pieces.
  2. Pin your large heart template to your linen fabric and cutout heart. Repeat so you have two hearts (if making two hearts, be sure to cut out four hearts). Place the two hearts together and make sure they are the same size. Fabric shifts so they may be slightly off so just trim any excess. (Tip, you can also fold your fabric and template in half and then pin your template to the fold and cut.) Fray the edges of your hearts to get the distressed look.
  3. Pin your appliqué letters and/or small heart to your coordinating cotton fabric and cutout.
  4. Pin your fabric letter or small heart to the front of one of your large hearts. Sew on using about a 1/8 seem allowance. (Repeat if you are doing an X and O.)
    DIY Heart Pillow Ornaments
  5. Fold your ribbon in half and center on the wrong side of your appliquéd heart. Then sandwich your ribbon between your appliquéd large heart  and your plain large heart (wrongs sides together) and pin together.
  6. Sew together just inside the frayed edge (about a 1/4″ seem), but be sure to leave a small 1.5″ hole on one side.DIY Heart Pillow Ornaments
  7. Stuff your heart with your polyester fiberfill. A wooden spoon handle can help with the stuffing process.
  8. Once stuffed, sew shut the opening. I was able to used the sewing machine, but if you find this too difficult you can hand stitch.

DIY Heart Pillow Ornaments

DIY Heart Pillow Ornaments

DIY Heart Pillow Ornaments

Happy Valentine’s Day! Heart Topiary is available at Trader Joe’s.


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