DIY Blooming Easter Eggs

DIY Blooming Easter Eggs | Via Tonality Designs

Easter is early this year (March 27th), so here’s my first of many DIYs I’m doing. I think these Blooming Easter Eggs would be the perfect addition to a Easter tablescape or a lovely spring accent to your bookshelves or mantel. And there are so many different possibilities for this craft. You could die the eggs, keep the flowers monochromatic, use succulents (oh, yes!) or group the final eggs together in an egg carton for a full garden look. I love a craft that you can put your own spin on. Plus, these are very easy. You only need a few minutes and there is zero mess.

DIY Blooming Easter Eggs | Via Tonality Designs

I repurposed faux flowers from an arrangement I made and no longer really needed (it was actually part of my halloween costume this year – I went as ‘Trendy Home Decor’), but you can buy any assortment of faux flowers.


  • Eggs (I used brown eggs)
  • 3-4 small faux flowers per egg
  • Moss


  1. First you must empty the egg(s). Just gently crack the top of your egg using a butter knife and then pick away the egg shell until you have a small opening. Dump the egg white and yolk into a bowl and use for scrambled eggs! (I did this in the morning so I really did have scrambled eggs.)
  2. Rinse out your egg shells with water and dish soap. Before moving onto the next step, make sure your eggs are dry. To speed up the drying process, I put my eggs in a muffin pan and then baked them in oven at 200 degrees for 15 minutes.
    DIY Blooming Easter Eggs | Via Tonality Designs
  3. Once your eggs are dry, gently pack each shell with moss.
    DIY Blooming Easter Eggs | Via Tonality Designs
  4. Next, cut your flower stems using a wire cutter so they are short enough to poke into the moss. Arrange 3-4 flowers in each egg. And you’re done! Can you believe how easy this is?

I placed my eggs in individual wooden egg holders I found at Target, but you could repurpose your egg carton or other egg holder.

DIY Blooming Easter Eggs | Via Tonality Designs

Now, to paint or not to paint the wooden egg holders?

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