Holly Jolly Kids Table with DIY Holly Balloon Table Runner & Marshmallow Snowflakes

DIY Holly Balloon Table Runner

I love creating with kids in mind. They aren’t looking for perfection, just fun! And sometimes the cutest creations happen with the humblest of materials. Here I used green construction paper and red balloons to create a DIY Holly Balloon Table Runner that is perfectly imperfect—and kid approved! Plus, my niece and nephew were begging for some hot chocolate, so as an activity we made DIY Marshmallow Snowflakes that I saw on Real Simple. We then used them as a garnish once our hot chocolate was ready. Details on both projects are below.

DIY Holly Balloon Table Runner

DIY Holly Balloon Table Runner



  1. Fold cardstock paper in half. Draw holly shape and cut out your holly. Repeat until you have enough leaves for the length of your runner. I used different shades of green to create interest. Michaels actually has a variety pack (Only $2) perfect for this project (and is what I used).
  2. Blow up red balloons. Keep them small and tape on in clusters of three. I did two clusters of three balloons but you can add more depending on the length of your table.
  3. Once you have everything ready, tape your holly leaves together to form your table runner. Tape on the balloons in clusters of three as well. This is all up to your imagination, have fun with it. And get your kids involved. My niece helped with every step of this runner.

DIY Holly Balloon Table Runner

DIY Holly Balloon Kids Table

I love paper goods, especially when they have such cute designs that I can mix and match.


DIY Marshmallow Snowflakes

We needed something to do while we waited for our hot chocolate to be ready, so we made DIY Marshmallow Snowflakes that I saw on Real Simple here. All you need are large and small marshmallows and toothpicks. Stick toothpicks into the larger marshmallow and then slide on two smaller marshmallows onto each toothpick. This kept the kids entertained for awhile and they were very proud of their creations.

DIY Snowflake Marshmallows

DIY Marshmallow Snowflakes

To add onto cup, just cut a slit on bottom of the large center marshmallow.

DIY Marshmallow Snowflakes

My nephew wanted to use his new lego mug, isn’t it cool?

I hope you are having fun with your own family and friends! I love that with a little imagination and lots of laughter, lovely memories can be made around a table. Merry Christmas sweet friends!

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