4 Tips for Setting Your Easter Table

Easter Tablescape with Blooming Easter Basket and DIY Easter Basket Animals

Easter is a family affair so when setting the table I like to think of things that will appeal to both kids and adults. So how do I do that?

Sometimes it works best to set a special kid table. The kid table usually exudes a little more “fun” and features a special activity to keep the kids occupied. If going this route, the key is to keep the color scheme the same for both tables so that they still go together. I invite you to see my kid table and adult table from last year for inspiration.

However, sometimes it’s nice to sit altogether. And guess what? Sometimes us adults need to let go of the fussy and have a little fun too! So that was my intent this year. The idea was to set a table where we could both eat and do a fun activity as a whole family. As for the activity, I decided to go with a classic Easter craft—dying Easter eggs of course. The look of the table stayed sophisticated for the adults yet had whimsical touches like the DIY Easter Basket Animals for the kids. All-in-all, I think it’s a table that’s sure to bring a smile to all who gather.

Here are 4 tips for creating a pretty table. 

1: Create a Neutral “Canvas”

Setting an Easter Table for Both Kids and Adults

If you’ve been following me for long, you know I like to set a table using white linens, even if I’m using plastic tablecloths and plates. It creates a neutral “canvas” for everything else to pop.

Easter Table Perfect for Both Kids and Adults

Here I used white plastic tablecloths because we would be dying Easter eggs. My trick when using plastic tablecloths—double up. Use two tablecloths so that the plastic drapes down longer on both sides of the table. This not only hides the legs better, but also prevents your tablecloth from flying up as much. Then at each place setting I used a neutral, woven placemat from Ikea and topped it with a white, ribbed-edge plate from Oriental Trading. I finished it with a quilted mason jar with a gold or silver party straw, Easter napkin, and clear plastic cutlery.

2: Set the Tone with Your Centerpiece

Easter Tablescape with Blooming Easter Basket

The centerpiece sets the tone for your table. Here I create DIY Blooming Easter Baskets. I took a classic Easter basket and filled it with colorful spring blooms. I kept the arrangement very simple and used white lilacs (that smell amazing) and a variety of ranunculus.

DIY Easter Baskets

I found the Easter baskets in Oriental Trading’s Easter Collection. They are the perfect size and shape, plus so affordable. You get 12 baskets for the price of what one basket usually costs. However, I wanted white baskets. Good thing, spray paint can fix anything.

DIY White Easter Baskets with Colorful Insides

I set up a “spray booth” by using the box the baskets came in.

DIY White Easter Baskets with Colorful Insides

I decided I wanted to create white baskets with colorful insides so I sprayed ONLY the outside of the baskets, keeping the handles and inside of the baskets the original color (although one I did spray the whole thing). Then once dry, I used white acrylic paint to paint the outside of each handle so that only the insides of the basket were the fun accent color.


I then filled one of my DIYed baskets with flowers. I used floral oasis for this arrangement. First, I lined the basket with a plastic bag and placed a Tupperware bowl inside. I then put a piece of soaked floral oasis in the Tupperware bowl. This made it easy to arrange the flowers. I first stuck in the white lilac as a base for the arrangement and once happy with that, I added the ranunculus. I love this combination because it looks so whimsical and just perfectly spring to me. And you still can catch a glimpse of the original yellow basket on the inside of the handle.

And if you don’t feel confident in your floral arranging skills—just take your basket to your local florist. Show them a picture of my basket and I’m sure your florist will create something even better!

3: Include Something Whimsical Like DIY Easter Basket Animals

Easter Tablescape with DIY Easter Basket Animals

I wanted everyone to be able to take home the eggs they decorated so I got chipwood baskets from Oriental Trading that I then embellished to be different Easter animals.

Easter Table with DIY Easter Basket Animals

I filled each basket with white paper grass and white hardboiled eggs ready to be dyed.

Easter Tablescape with DIY Easter Basket Animals

Be sure to check out the full tutorial for the DIY Easter Basket Animals (post here). I have instructions for creating an Easter bunny, chick and lamb.

After you’re done eating, you can then clear the plates and bring out the stuff for dying the Easter eggs. Of course you could make the activity only for the kids, but I think there is something magical when you get the adults involved too.

4: Remember, You Can Keep It Simple

Setting an Easter Table for Both Kids and Adults

I recommend only doing one or two DIY projects for your party so you don’t overwhelm yourself. I put all my focus on only two DIYs: the centerpiece and the DIY Easter Basket Animals. The rest was just stuff I had or got as-is at Oriental Trading or Target.

DIY Bloom Easter Basket

I hope this inspired you. In my next post I’ll provide some other simple Easter ideas, including a FREE printable and favor idea, so stay tuned!

A special thank you to Oriental Trading for sending me items used in this post. They have a great assortment of Easter goodies on their site and I highly recommend you take a peek.

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