Father’s Day Beer Tasting

Father's Day Beer Tasting with FREE Downloadable Printables

With craft beers being so popular I thought it would be fun to design a beer tasting for all those beer loving dads—even though my own dad isn’t really a beer fan, he’d much prefer an Ice Cream Tasting! However, I know a lot of dads who would enjoy this so let’s have a “Hoppy” Father’s Day and provide some “Hops for Pops.” Puns intended!

Keep in mind, you could do these details for any Beer Tasting Party, just don’t use the “Hops for Pops” sign.

Creating Your Beer Flight

Father's Day Beer Tasting

Create a “tray” at each place setting. I originally wanted to have DIY concrete trays; however, my first attempt at making the tray failed and I ran out of time to try it again so instead I created a much easier idea. I set the table using black chalkboard paper and then using a white chalk pen I created a rectangle “tray” outline at each place setting. Easy peasy. Adjust the size of your rectangle based on the size and number of glasses you use in your beer flight. I recommend doing four glasses, but of course you can do more or less depending on your needs.

Father's Day Beer Tasting with FREE Downloadable Printables

Label your glasses. I got the small beer can glasses from Oriental Trading. I thought the shape was so charming and the 8 oz. size was perfect for a beer tasting. For each flight I used four glasses so we could have a light beer, an IPA, an Amber beer and a porter or stout. You basically want to provide a range of beer types from light to dark.

Father's Day Beer Tasting Tags: FREE Printable

Label each glass from 1-4. I created a FREE printable that included numbered beer bottle labels. You can download the file here. I printed the file on cardstock and labeled each glass with one of the beer bottles using Glue Dots. I didn’t have the removable Glue Dots, but I’d suggest using that type. Otherwise just use what you have, even double-sided tape would work nicely.

Father's Day Beer Tasting

Label your beer bottles.

Father's Day Beer Tasting

When buying the beer, I picked a couple local beers as well as a few beers I knew I liked. (If wondering what you beer you should buy, there are lots of Beer Tasting Tips on Pinterest, just search “Beer Tasting” and lots of beer charts will come up explaining the types of beers. I suggest picking a light, medium, amber and dark beer.)

Father's Day Beer Tasting

I labeled each bottle with wood labels numbered from 1-4. I then placed the empty bottles down the center of the table so everyone could reference what beer they were drinking.

Father's Day Beer Tasting

To make the wood labels, I started with small wood slices from Oriental Trading. I drilled a small hole in each circle and then painted an inner black chalkboard circle on each one. I added the number with a white chalk pen and attached to each bottle using twine.

Father's Day Beer Tasting

Provide a score sheet. While this is not necessary, I thought it could be nice to track which beers you liked so I created a FREE Printable Score Sheet. You can download my score sheet here.

Father's Day Beer Tasting

Create a centerpiece. Frankly, this has nothing to do with your tasting, but a table always looks better with a centerpiece. I planted flowers in galvanized pots from Oriental Trading. I placed five pots down the center of the table.

Father's Day Beer Tasting

Then using a simple clothespin, I attached a  “Hops for Pops” sign from the FREE Printable I created. You can download the printable file here. This detail is what makes this tasting “Father’s Day” specific; however, if not doing your tasting for Father’s Day just eliminate this tag and everything else is event neutral.

Father's Day Beer Tasting

Provide “bar food.” No party is complete without some food. I kept it in the beer theme and did brats and fries served in cool Kraft paper cones from Oriental Trading. I mean, what guy really wants to deal with plates or silverware. I love the casual feel of eating right out of the cone and everything spilling on to the table. So manly (insert winking face here)!


Set each place setting. Each place setting got four glasses, a score sheet and a pencil or pen. Pour beer half way in each glass. This may seem obvious, but be sure to pour the right beer in each glass. So the beer labeled one goes in glass one, the beer labeled two goes in glass two, and so on. Also, remember to label your beers from lightest to darkest.

Father's Day Beer Tasting with FREE Printables


Enjoy! It’s really an easy and charming set up thanks to the finds at Oriental Trading and the FREE Printables I created.

Father's Day Beer Tasting Tags: FREE printable

And if you like all of this, but simply don’t want to set up a tasting, be sure to check out my simple gift idea post. A six pack with a cute tag is a perfect last-minute gift idea.

Father's Day Beer Tasting: FREE Printable Tag

A special thank you to Oriental Trading for sending me products to use in this post. I had a lot of fun shopping on their site and creating this party using the items I found.

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