DIY Metallic Mason Jar Wraps — Plus Peony Love!

Woohoo! Peonies in season and just in time for a fun girl’s night out baby shower. I think I created my prettiest table to date. And would you guess this elegant table used mason jars as the vases? Yes, each of the beautiful metallic vases were actually an easy DIY Mason Jar Wrap that I created. Just proof that mason jars don’t only have to be wrapped in burlap. (See picture and instructions below.)

And where many baby shower’s focus on the baby’s needs, this shower focused on the mom. Already a mother of two boys, our mom just needed a night out to enjoy her closest family and friends. And going super elegant with the decor made sure she felt like a queen for the night.

DIY Metallic Mason Jar Wraps — Tonality Designs

DIY Metallic Mason Jar Wraps — Tonality Designs

PEONY love — Tonality Designs

PEONY love — Tonality Designs

PEONY love — Tonality Designs
PEONY love — Tonality Designs

PEONY love — Tonality Designs

Mercury glass votives were the finishing touch to this enchanting table.

Welcome to the World Baby Shower


This Welcome to the World Baby Shower really was a sunshine event to remember. And it was packed with a lot of DIY projects that I hope inspire you for your next party.

Patterned papers by Tonality Designs for Placemats and Vase Wraps!

Sticking to our signature look of creating 6 coordinating graphic patterns, our table scape took advantage of the different designs. We used the pattern papers as vase wraps and placemats.

Welcome to the World Little One Sign - Tonality Designs

We created a hanging sun with the words “Welcome to the World Little One.”

Welcome to the World Party Printables — Tonality Designs

Toppers aren’t only for desserts. Think about embelishing your flower arrangements too!

DIY Sun Centerpieces — Tonality Designs

Maybe my favorite DIY project, we created custom 3-D Sun Centerpieces.

DIY Sun Centerpieces
• 2″ styrofoam ball
• Yellow paint
• 12″ stick
• White construction paper
• Planted Pot (or other item like a vase of flowers to put final product in)

Paint the styrofoam ball yellow. Cut out two cloud shaps from the white construction paper. Next, cut slits into the ball where the clouds can stick in. Place ball on the 12″ stick and then place in a pot (here we used wheatgrass but you could do a pot of flowers).
As a final touch, we also added custom paper ribbons that said “Baby Girl, You are the Sunshine of My Life.” This added our touch of pink we wanted.

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No Pink Allowed Baby Boy Shower!

Tonality_No_Pink_Allowed_Decor-1So I can’t believe it, my No Pink Allowed Baby Boy Shower Invite is proving to be my top seller on Etsy! I loved the idea, but since it’s not a traditional invitation I didn’t think others would be as taken with it – boy was I wrong. That said, it’s about time I posted the pictures from the actually shower we held for my cousin Cristina. These party accessories are now available on Etsy too!

Tonality_No_Pink_Allowed_Decor-2Inspired by a boy’s clubhouse (hence, the play on “No Girls Allowed”), we wanted our decor to be elegant yet scream BOY! For the centerpieces, we planted white flowers in galvanized buckets. We then created plant sticks with different boy inspired sayings and quotes. And for the final boy touch, we added plastic bugs and reptiles that we spray painted blue. The spray painted bugs are an easy DIY project that I’ll post separtely soon.


We love using the DIY Ruffle Streamers that we found on MADE.

For dessert we had “dirt” cupcakes with worms (we wanted to make sure everything was baby boy approved). I love the different toppers, especially “God made dirt so dirt don’t hurt!”

For favors: Homemade chocolate chip cookies made by my cousin Marisa. They are THE BEST! I really like the motherly advise we gave out with the cookies!

And the wait is over! Baby boy Justin is now the youngest member of our family!

The “No Pink Allowed” Invite and “No Pink Allowed” Party Accessories are now available on Etsy. (BTW, we did actually have some decor items that said “No Pink Allowed,” but for some reason I have no pictures of said items. Go figure.)

New Baby Shower Invites on Etsy

We’ve been welcoming some new babies into my family lately so I have some new designs now available on Etsy. I’ll be adding coordinating party accessories soon.

First up: No Pink Allowed! My cousin Cristina already had two super cute girls at home and was expecting a boy. She didn’t really need any of the big items, but definitely was in need of boy clothes and toys. Playing off the idea of a boy’s “No Girls Allowed” Club House, “No Pink Allowed” was born. I have pictures of the shower that I’ll share soon. Also, baby boy Justin was born happy and healthy at the beginning of August.

Next: Sunshine Baby Shower: Welcome to the World! This shower is still in the works (being held October 16th), but I had to share the invite. I really want to share the other stuff I’m creating, but I know the mother-to-be Kathryn reads my blog! Kathryn is a really close family friend and I’m honored to get to help her sisters and mom with the shower. Kathryn requested that nothing be too girly and noted that she was using golden yellow and gray in the baby’s room. With the mention of yellow I couldn’t get away from thinking about sunshine, so a whimsical sun instantly became the center of our theme. And now, I can offer a great gender-neutral shower theme on Etsy! More to come from this theme after October 16th!

Lastly: Tortoise & Hare Baby Shower! This design was created a couple years ago, but since I didn’t have an Etsy store then, the design is like brand new again. Originally created for my cousin Brian and his wife Mayumi, the Tortoise and Hare theme is whimsical and another gender-neutral option. To see a couple pictures of this shower, here’s a link to the baby shower game we played.

So that’s the 3 new Etsy offers! Go baby!

Baby Shower: Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice Water

Party-Mums-Water-Bottle-Wrap-Baby-Shower I had a custom request via Etsy for a Baby Shower Water Bottle Wrap. I think it turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself. I also really liked the custom colors for our Party Mum design.

Baby Shower Game: Who's That Baby? — Tonality Designs

Who’s that baby? Shower Game

I recently had the pleasure of helping with my cousin’s baby shower. My aunt had been scanning in old pictures of the family and thought it would be fun to display everyone’s baby pictures at the shower. Well, we took it one step further. We made it a game.

Baby Shower Game: Who's That Baby? — Tonality Designs

Who’s That Baby: How To Play

  1. Preparation: request baby pictures from all your guests. If it’s a family shower, you may have a family member that has most of the pictures and they may even have older ones of great grandparents or great-great grandparents. This was a family shower so we had pictures going back 4 generations!
  2. Print out all the pictures. If you can, turn them all black and white and try to make all the contrast the same. This will make them more uniform and harder to tell when the photo was taken.
  3. Print out or write all the coordinating names. Cut out each name on a separate piece of paper.
  4. Display the photos. Here we strung twine on a greenery wall and hung the photos using clothes pins. You could also hang on a wall or even pin to a large cork board.
  5. Embellish your display. Of course this is optional, but it doesn’t hurt to add decorations to make your photo display a real focal point for your shower. Here we hung pennant banners and matching party circles.
  6. Playing the game. When guests arrive, hand each guest a random name and have them attach it to the baby they think it belongs to. Guests can & should work together to get it right. Once they think they have all the names matched, you can check and tell them if they got it right. There really isn’t a winner, just fun to see if you can get it right.
  7. If you want a winner. Number the pictures and give each guest a piece of paper and have them try to match every picture with every name.

Really looking forward to Brian and Mayumi’s twin – yes twin – boys this New Year’s Eve. Plus my cousin Cristina is expecting her second baby girl around that same time. Exciting for all of us!

Shower Ideas Inspired by Football Season!

Who says a bridal shower has to be a formal tea or a baby shower has to be just for the girls? I say a party should not be shaped by rules but by the guest-of-honor and what will make her happy. With football season here and my Buckeye’s off to a fun, yet rocky start, I thought I’d post a couple of past showers I did that were both inspired by the guest-of-honor’s love of sports.

Shower-atypical-1 Shower-atypical-2 Shower-atypical-3

Party #1 is perfect for a college-football crazed bride. If you’re not familiar with the Ohio State/Michigan Rivalry or College Gameday this invite idea is going to go over your head, but I promise if you are familiar with them you will laugh just like the guests and bride-to-be did. See more pictures on our website.


Party #2 is a great idea for a couple’s baby shower. Guests were invited to a Baby Pep Rally and the Pom-Pom Pennant invite asked them to come prepared by wearing their favorite team colors.

Update! I found the original invite. Here’s the wording:

TEAM CAZARES is preparing to sign on a new recruit.

Join us at the BABY PEP RALLY to cheer on MICHELE and STEVEN as they get ready for the BABY DRAFT.

With their first round pick they are looking to score a healthy baby boy to round out their family’s team.

We have a strong feeling he’s going to be ROOKIE-OF-THE-YEAR.

Show your support by dressing in your favorite team colors.


Simple, yet appropriate, decorations were created with primary-color steamers, balloons, pom-poms and megaphones, all topped off with a “Baby Cazares is #1” Pennant Banner. We also created a sports themed diaper cake that was a big hit with both the guys and gals at the party. And don’t forget the peanuts and crackerjacks. Now play ball!

Wow Guests with Game Books

Shower-daisy-2 JV-blog-1

Jv-blog-2 Shower-daisy-4
Recently I created a baby shower invitation with matching programs and I just received a nice thank you accompanied with pictures from the event. The mother-to-be thanked the hosts and specifically mentioned the “stunning programs.” I think custom programs, or as I call them Game Books, are a must if you’re playing shower games. We’ve all played the same games, but have you been treated to beautiful books with creative names and custom ideas? Here the guests played “Oh Baby, Bingo” and “Baby Tastebud Challenge.” The hosts also needed place cards and menus, so essentially we created an all-in-one program with place card, menu and game book. You got to do what works. Below are rules for the games played. You can also see more game ideas on our website: Daisy Social, Bridal Garden Party and Vote for Baby.

To Play “Oh Baby, Bingo”:

  • Create bingo cards using the names of baby items (i.e. blankets, onesies, diapers, pacifiers, teddy bear). Replace the word B-I-N-G-O at the top with M-O-M-M-Y. Make a custom card for each guest.
  • At the party, have guests mark off the items as the mother-to-be opens her shower gifts.
  • First person to get 5 in a row must shout “Mommy.” First person heard by the new mom wins.

To Play “Baby Tastebud Challenge”:

  • Get an assortment of baby food. Remove labels from the jars and replace with a number. Around 8-10 jars is enough.
  • At the party, give each guest a spoon and pass around the jars for guests to taste. Have guests write down what flavor they think is in each jar.
  • Person with the most correct guesses wins.