Pirate Birthday Party

Pirate Birthday Party with Party Printables by Tonality Designs

Are you ready to p-arrr-ty? Our Pirate Birthday Party Printables allow you to create a fun kid’s party and follow my philosophy that a kid’s table is less about eating (unless cake) and all about fun! This party package has been a big hit for us and we’ve revamped the collection to include even more. The collection has files for: treasure map table runners, 5 pirate ship centerpieces, multiple options for toppers/tags, blank labels and table tents, 5″ party circles, favor tags, pennant banner and pattern papers. In addition, my next post will feature a Make Your Own Pirates & Pirate Ship Kid’s Craft with a FREE download!

Pirate Birthday Party with Party Printables by Tonality Designs

My kid’s parties always feature custom coloring sheets, but this Treasure Map Table Runner takes it to a new level! Our collection includes a drawing of a Treasure Map on 8.5 x 11″ paper that when blown up 300% makes the perfect table runner for your guests to color. And the plot print only costs about $3 so it’s easy, affordable, adorable and fun!

Also note the plates! Unless your kid begs for character plates, I say stick with colors that go with your theme. And don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns.  Our pirate party colors are black and white with the three primary colors (RED, YELLOW & BLUE). You’ll see these colors, as well as a mixture of stripes and dot patterns, used throughout the whole party.

And remember your neutrals! White doesn’t mean boring. It gives your eye a place to rest and allows your colors and party printables to stand out.  We also used black as a neutral that helps tie everything together.

Pirate Birthday Party DIY Printable by Tonality Designs

Next, the centerpiece! I try really hard to create creative decor ideas that are easy for even the non-crafter. And trust me—this Pirate Ship Centerpiece is easy peasy! Yet, oh so adorable. You can see my original party post for the DIY instructions. If you buy our Pirate Party Collection on Etsy, you’ll get five ship designs and two are customized with your child’s name and age. The printables also make it even easy to create the ships!

Pirate Birthday Party with Party Printables by Tonality Designs

The pirate ship is complete with the birthday boys as pirates. Who doesn’t like a character of themselves on a stick?! So fun.

Pirate Birthday Party with Party Printables by Tonality Designs

Flanking the DIY Pirate Ship are two of the six 5″ Party Circles provided in our collection. We attached them to 12″ sticks covered with a colorful paper straw, added white curling ribbon, attached another circle on the back to make them double-sided and then inserted them into small mason jars filled with sand.

Pirate Birthday Party with Party Printables by Tonality Designs

Lastly, we added more fun to the table by adding a craft for them to do! Every child got the supplies to Make Their Own Pirates & Pirate Ship.

Pirate Birthday Party with Party Printables by Tonality Designs

In order to make it inviting to the kids, we set up each place setting with all the supplies needed to make the craft and even personalized them with their names.

Pirate Party Printables & FREE Kid Craft Download by Tonality Designs

TIPS WHEN DOING A CRAFT:  1) Always have extra materials available. 2) If you don’t want to set up your table(s) with the craft stuff, create a station with all the materials.

Pirate Birthday Party Printable by Tonality Designs

The complete instructions with our FREE Make Your Own Pirates and Make Your Own Pirate Ship Coloring Sheets in our next post.

Pirate Birthday  Party Printables by  Tonality Designs

Party Favors: Don’t have matching bags? No worries, just use good old lunch bags. We taped on our favor tag and allowed guests to take home their craft supplies from their craft. Also, the craft was a pretty good favor!


And we didn’t forget about dessert! Cupcakes featured more of our topper/tag designs. And another general TIP: I know dessert tables are the “big thing” these days, and I love them too, but for a kid’s party I recommend keeping the dessert under wraps until you’re ready to serve! Let’s face it, once kids see sweets that’s all they want, and rightly so! Plus, I remember as a kid the cake reveal was such a big part of a birthday party.

Pirate Birthday Party DIY Printable by Tonality Designs

And my favorite part about creating a kid’s table—seeing it destroyed and enjoyed! 

Pirate Birthday Party Printable by Tonality Designs

Check back tomorrow for our free download! And don’t forget to check out our complete Pirate P-arrr-ty Collection on Etsy.

Party Straws: FREE Chalkboard Party Printables

I got to feel young (well, old  but young at heart) this weekend and enjoy celebrating my cousin’s 21st birthday. For her gift I got her what every 21-year-old needs: Lemon Drop Martini mix, a gift card to Total Wines, cocktail napkins and fun party straws—that I made! And you can too, if you just download our FREE Chalkboard Party Printables: Flags & Tags.

21st Birthday Gift Idea - Free Chalkboard Party Printables - by Tonality Designs

I also got to use my new calligraphy skills – not too shabby.

FREE Chalkboard Party Printables | Tonality Designs

Download our FREE Chalkboard Party Printable I love them on straws because, with 10 different sayings, they work as a good way for guests to remember their glass. (RECENTLY updated to print solid black for better printing!)

Nutcracker Birthday Party

Nutcracker Birthday Party Invite — Tonality Designs

My niece, MacKenzie, was born on December 27th and since the day she was born my sister has always worried that MacKenzie’s birthday would be overlooked because of Christmas. Yet of course we don’t let that happen, as you can tell by this 5th birthday soiré. Inspired by MacKenzie’s new love of ballet, we did a Nutcracker Birthday.

Nutcracker Birthday Invite — Tonality Designs

The invitation read:

Point your toes and plié, as we get ready to wish
MacKenzie a happy 5th birthday!
It’s right after Christmas, so the Nutcracker is still here
To dance and to shower Mackie with fun birthday cheer!

Nutcracker Birthday Party — Tonality Designs

As for the decorations, luckily my sister always goes along with my crazy ideas. So she willingly collected over 20 nutcrackers, and with her husbands help, they transformed the traditional Christmas decorations into funky, bright colored birthday nutcrackers. They were oh, so fabulously funky. And we didn’t stop there, of cousre we had beautiful flowers, fake snow, paper snow flakes and all the custom paper details I designed with the ballerina drawing of Mackenzie.

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Happy Bee-Day!

We created this Happy Bee-Day theme for a 1st birthday party, but we think it woud also work great for a Sweet-as-Honey Baby Shower. All items are now available on Etsy as DIY PDF printables.

As for the photos, a special thank you to my friend Sarah Miller and sister Sarah Detrick. They were both visiting from Ohio and they used one of their precious vacation days to help me capture pictures of this wonderful party. They both helped with the styling and the talented Sarah Miller did a wonderful job behind the camera! Thank you both (also, I loved every minute of your visit so come again soon)!!!

On to the party!


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Monster Mash, Birthday Bash!

Over the weekend, my sister Megan did an amazing job on her husband Brad's 30th Birthday party! Of course she had me design all the paper goods, but I have to give her credit for pulling it all together so bewitchingly. Pictured above is my niece Mackenzie. Does she not make the cutest witch?! Along with planning this party, Megan also made her costume which is just wickedly sweet. You'll note she's holding a Frankenstein Monster Mask. Look even closer and you'll realize it uses a picture of the birthday boy! We had a laugh using Brad's picture to create the monster!

Brad-halloween-birthday-2The table really turned out spook-tacular!

Brad-halloween-birthday-3A carved out pumpkin acted as the perfect cooler.

We dressed up the wine bottles and each wine glass got a custom tag to act as a wine charm. My favorite saying was "Eat, Drink and Be Scary!"

We got this Skeleton Hand idea from the Hostess with the Mostess Blog. We just loved it! We did 4 different banner sayings: 1) Fang-tastic Goodies, Just for You! 2) Indulge if you dare! 3) Wickedly Sweet Treats 4) Beware! You can't stop at one!

Creep, Boo, Scare! Spooky sayings act as toppers for the different desserts.

I'm sorry, but she's just too cute!

The custom pennant banner looks great with the added touch of the large spiders!

Yum! Wish I could have been there. The only bummer of living in California is all my family that's in Ohio. But since I was able to help my sister with all the planning, I feel like I was there in spirit. Thanks Megan for doing such a wonderful job and taking such great pictures. I look forward to Christmas when we can host a party together during my visit home!

And Happy Halloween everyone! I hope this acts as some inspiration!

A Spooktacular Birthday!

My latest invitation design is perfect for Halloween but even better because it's celebrating a Halloween Birthday! It's the final design my sister and I decided to go with for her husband's 30th birthday. I can't wait until we finalize all the decor ideas!


Birthday Rockers In the House Tonight!

Tonality_birthday_pop_flowers-11 Our Pop Flower Birthday really turned out better than we imagined. And thanks to photography by the very talented Kat Riley, we have some great inspiration to share with you today. All items will be available through our Etsy website.

Party Styling Tips:

  1. Mix and match prints. I love designing patterns that we can mix and match. By designing all the paper details with different prints, you build in instant interest. So for example, instead of just using one pattern paper for your placemats, think about using 6 different patterns that coordinate. You can make it work by sticking to a strict color pallet. Here it was teal, lime green and dark blue.
  2. Anchor everything with a neutral – in this case the neutral is white, but the neutral could also be a color. By using lots of white and clear glass (table clothes, flowers, plates, streamers, wine glasses, candle holders etc.), your eye has a place to rest and the colors pop even more. If we would have used blue or green table clothes the patterned papers would have blended in and the party would have lost its crisp, clean, modern feel. Using our placemat example from before, when using different patterns be sure to anchor it with a neutral, solid plate – it will tie your table together.
  3. Simple materials like ribbon can add that extra WOW detail. Here we added an abundance of curling white ribbon to our cupcake topper, favors, tabletents, etc. The playfulness of the ribbon makes everything more festive and fun. We kept it white in line with rule #2 above – colored ribbon would have taken away from all the other colors we were using.
  4. Cupcake toppers don't have to be limited to a circle or square. They also don't have to be on short sticks or only used on cupcakes. Here we cut out inspirational words (love, hope, joy, wisdom, prosperity) and the guest-of-honors name. We also cut out the flowers and even made some typical square toppers, but they weren't used on cupcakes. Instead we put them in tall vases used as candy jars. By using 6" and 11" sticks for varying heights and adding curling ribbon, our three different topper styles bring the unexpected to this ever popular and typical party detail.
  5. Design your buffet tables in zones. Styling a nice buffet or dessert table can seem like a daunting task. How do you make it look professional and not just a clustered mess? We say think of the table in zones of 3-5. Our dessert table was designed in 4 zones with 3 flower arrangements dividing the zones. So it went from left to right: Zone 1: Candy jars; Zone 2: Mini Cakes; Zone 3: Cupcakes; Zone 4: Wine Bottle Favors. We created interest in each zone by adding a different paper topper or label. We also added height to short items by adding taller than usual toppers or elevating the plates.
  6. Simple flower arrangements doesn't mean boring. We created 6 flower arrangements for under $20. How did we do that? We made sure the vases were interesting (paper wrapped spaghetti jars and soup cans). We used only 3 flowers all in one color (each vase used a couple stems each of white china mums, white stock and white lisianthus). We added a pop of the unexpected (we found blue glittered leaves and organic stems at Michaels thanks to their Christmas section).

Please enjoy all our pictures. Again, photography was by Kathryn Riley Photography. Thank you Kat!

Party Credits:

Styling, Flowers and Paper Designs: Tonality Designs – Available on Etsy

Photographs: Kathryn Riley Photography

Pirate P-arrr-ty!

Inspired by two of my favorite boys on this here planet, this Pirate P-arrr-ty was so much fun to create! It was a joint party for my cousin's kids, Drew (age 4) and Will (age 2). Everything you're about to see (and more) is also now available via Etsy as DIY Printable files!

First off, my creativity was put to the challenge when thinking of centerpiece ideas. Flowers just didn't seem appropriate. I really wanted pirate ships, so I tried Googling ideas and I came up empty handed. I thought for sure there would be some sort of DIY idea, but nothing. I did find a couple ship & boat ideas but they just weren't quite right. So after a bit of brainstorming, I came up with these super easy, yet super cute (if I do say so myself), paper pirate ships. Here's what I did:


  • Paper for the sails, skull flag and base – I designed mine, but you could cut the shapes out of 8.5 x 11" paper. My designs are available for sale on Etsy (Click Here). If not purchasing the DIY files, simply cut out the following:
    • 1- 5.25" x 3.5" rectangle out of white cardstock (small sail)
    • 1- 6.25" x 4.5" rectangle out of white cardstock (large sail)
    • 2- 8.5" x 5.5" rectangle out of black cardstock (ship)
  • 18" dowel rod
  • Styrofoam or floral foam block (we used floral foam blocks that were 2 5/8 x 3 1/2 x 7 7/8 and cut them in half)
  • Black and white tissue paper (or wrapping paper)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Hole punch


  1. Cut out shapes for sail, ship and skull flag.
  2. For Sails: Punch hole in the center of the top and bottom of the small and large sails (see picture). Thread onto 18" dowel rod like pictured. If you have the skull flag – fold in half. Place the top of the dowel rod in the center of the fold and using the double-sided tape tape the flag shut.
  3. For Ship: Place 1 ship piece face down on table. Put double-sided tape along both of the short ends. Then line-up the 2nd ship piece on top (face-up).
  4. Wrap the styrofoam/floral foam block with the tissue paper or wrapping paper.
  5. Open your assembled ship piece and place over your wrapped styrofoam/floral foam block.
  6. Stick your assembled dowel rod into the center of the styrofoam block. Your ship is complete!


Pirate-Toppers-1 Pirate-Head-Topper-2
The other favorite – Drew & Will Pirate Heads! How can you not love heads on a stick! Especially when you add an illustrated eye patch and pirate scarf. They were perfect to use on the ship centerpieces and the cupcakes. I also created treasure maps, pirate hooks, anchors, skull flags and balloons for the cupcake toppers. I love that we went with cutout shapes instead of just the typical circle designs.

Lots more was created. For example, what's a pirate party without a treasure map? The table runners were created by blowing up a 8.5 x 11" black and white drawing I created. The maps were perfect running under the pirate ships and created a place for kids and adults to color!

See more pictures on our Etsy shop! Party on me hearties! Yo ho!

Come Sail Away!

Most of my bespoke designs are do to a request from family. My cousin Kim asked for this Catalina inspired invite. She's planning a 40th birthday getaway and she wanted to get the guests excited about the event. She also wanted the guest-of-honor to feel extra special. I'm told the invite did just that! I'm loving this new style and I'm sure I'll do it again for another theme.

On a side note, I found the great background at Lost and Taken. The website provides fabulous textured photos that anyone can use for FREE. They have tons of really great creations and I'm sure I'll be using them often.

Don't forget to check out our new DIY Printables on Etsy. I'll be adding new designs this weekend and hope to continue adding them throughout the weeks to come.

Born On the Fourth of July – Birthday!


Do you know a real live nephew of our Uncle Sam? For those born on the 4th of July, why not have fun with it? Inspired by the iconic World War I recruiting poster, I think everyone who receives Will's 1st Birthday Invite will be doing a double-take. Although Will's real birthday is not on the 4th, we're celebrating it that weekend so we just went with it. And I'm so happy we did!